I'm glad I accepted

*smiles and kisses you gently as I play with your hair*

come here right now girl, i’ll make you sweat like you’ve worked out. 

Don't you worry about it. *kisses your head and hugs you back*

*reaches up on my tip toes and wraps my arms around your neck* I’m glad that I asked you and Jess to come with me that night because who knows what could have happened. *brushes my lips over yours* And I would never have met you.

sykesslays I’ll always be here for you babe ❤️

I insist. I don't really need much if I'm here with you and Jess.

*blinks away tears and smiles slightly, wraps my arms around your waist and hugs you tightly resting my head on your chest, mumbles* Thank you, Nath. I’ll pay you back, I promise.